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Leaded Stained Glass
Old school stained glass method using Lead Came to create more traditional stained glass windows. 

Copper Foil Stained Glass
Newer method using copper foil to create a more detailed stained glass window or lamp shade.

Room Dividers
Using stained glass to divide a room.

Light Boxes
Stained glass light boxes

Stained Glass Mosaics
Glass in mortar to create stepping stones, bricks, etc.

Fused Glass
Tiles, Jewelery, Glass Ware, Bowls and more.

Stained Glass Repair
All Types including windows, lamps, mirrors, ect...

Regular pane window replacement and glazing

Most stained glass window installation. Usually placing the stained glass window up against an existing pane window, then placing wood trim to keep it in place. Looks built in.

Clear (pane, tempered, laminated, etc.), textured, stained, beveled, fused, and mirror. Cut to order.